It is the people and groups of people that give to those in need, or to noble causes that really make the world a better place. Everyone has heard about wealthy individuals and families who have given away millions – even billions – of dollars to others. No matter how cynical I can sometimes feel, hearing stories of true generosity on a massive scale is sure to bring a smile to my face, and helps to restore my faith in humanity.

The DeVos Family has enjoyed much success in the world of business. Perhaps, though, the greatest success that this family has been responsible for has been the philanthropic actions they have taken. I learned quite a bit about this family via a recent article which outlined just how the DeVos Family has given billions to charities and worthy causes over the years.

The article I read outlines how the DeVos Family, and Dick DeVos in particular, have been able to manage such great acts of monetary giving. According to this article, and other verified sources, the DeVos Family has a lifetime giving record of more than $1.2 billion. In 2014 alone the DeVos Family managed to pay it forward to the tune of $94 million.

Being proud of their Michigan heritage, the family has made sure that plenty of the money they give away goes to worthy causes that are located in their home state. For example, of the $90.9 billion they gave away in 2013 about 66 percent went to Michigan organizations. The rest of those funds were distributed among education, health care/community services and faith-based organizations.

Dick DeVos has been probably the most high-profile member of the DeVos Family for some time now. Some might remember him from his tenure as the President and CEO of the Orlando Magic professional basketball team. After his time with the Orlando Magic, Dick returned to Amway, and took over for his father as the president of the company.

I think we can all agree that it is a nice change of pace to find out about the positive things that some of the most successful people are capable of doing to impact the world. Dick DeVos, along with the entire DeVos Family has shown, time and time again, that when the wealthy have hearts for philanthropy and helping others, that real change can take place for the better. I would really like to see even more successful people and organizations following the example that Dick DeVos has shown to the world.

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