David Osio, the Executive Director and Founder of Davos Financial Group, has a great understanding of financial practices throughout various sectors of the industry. Before his current position as director, Osio obtained a degree from the Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela, where he focused on banking and finances.

After that, he assumed responsibility as the director of the legal firm MGO in Caracas. There, he offered legal counsel to a variety of satisfied legal corporate clients. He built his knowledge of how to offer the best service to high profile individuals and corporations.

Currently, David Osio engages in higher studies in IESA (Institute of Superior Administrative Studies) and the New York Institute of Finance. There, he studied banking and letter actions. His trajectory as a legal assessor and manifest as a well known banker have helped him achieve the position as a manager in the Division of Private Banks of the Latin International Bank (BLI) in Miami. For two years, he has been the vice president of Banca Comercial, in which time he has increased billings and clients and positioned the finances of the bank in a superior way internationally.

In 1993, David J Osio decided to found Davos Financial Group, a conglomerate of independent businesses dedicated to the financial strength integral for their select group of clients. As such, David J. Osio is the CEO and Founder of the company Davos Financial Group and has developed the company in a proactive way with his leadership. This has resulted in not only an increase in the amount of revenue for his corporations in consecutive years, but also in the achievement of additional robustness and growth as the companies and clients expand into international markets in increasing varieties and frequencies.

Davos Financial Group, through its different business enterprises, and the various jurisdictions in which it operates, maintains agreements with various banks throughout the world. It is well respected, and offers a variety of financial services. These services include, access to high quality asset classes and financial instruments, financial advising, risk assessment, fund management, and investment consolidations, as well as reporting and other financial services.

For example, Davos provides complete analyses of prospects of certain markets. This analysis offers clients the option to create solid and flexible investment strategies that permit them to adjust to changing financial climates. On a periodic basis, the investment portfolios are done with market frameworks, legal frameworks, and proprietary information in order to maximize each financial instrument’s performance over a given period of time, based on the client’s needs.

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