Women can universally agree on the importance of healthy hair, and the desire to utilize hacks that will prevent any unsightly damage. Wengie is certainly an advocate for this and, judging by her gorgeous locks, she knows what she is talking about. As a result, the Australian beauty blogger developed ten hair hacks that will guarantee the protection of your hair, and some keen innovations for when time is limited.

Wengie’s Hair Hacks: The Good, the Great, and the Magnificent

1. Know Your Vitamins

This hair guru not only takes Sugar Bear hair vitamins, but maintains a healthy diet full of vitamins C, B, and D, niacin, zinc, magnesium, and essential fatty acids to ensure the growth and shine of her locks.

2. Clean Your Hairbrush

Wengie made it a point to stress the importance of regularly cleaning out your brush by removing the hair and washing each bristle with a toothbrush and shampoo. This process will protect your hair from any bacteria that resides on your brush.

3. Use a Dryer Sheet on Brush

Placing a dryer sheet on your brush and then running it through your hair is a solid way to remove any loose strands, soak up any lingering grease, and to make it smell fresh between washes.

4. One Pony on the Other

The beauty blogger took her perfectly straight hair, divided into two sections, put one section in a low ponytail, and placed the other section in a high pony that overlapped the lower one. This created the illusion of incredibly long hair that looked flawless from behind.

5. Coconut Oil

Once or twice a week, Wengie suggests melting coconut oil in warm water and applying it to your scalp by massaging it in. Washing it out in the shower with only shampoo will leave your hair healthy, shiny, and free from any heavy residue.

6. Dry with T-Shirt

Did you know that drying your hair with a towel can actually damage it over time? The beloved blogger prefers using a t-shirt for not only its protective qualities, but because the tight woven fabric actually absorbs water more efficiently.

7. Makeup Brush for Fly Aways

Those pesky flyaways irritate women at some point or another so, as a solution, you should take a blush brush, spritz it with hairspray, and run it through your hair. If this method is ineffective, you can simply substitute the blush brush for a toothbrush or bobby pin.

8. Cut Split Ends with a Twist

Those pesky split ends are no easy feat, but Wengie suggests twirling your hair around your finger to expose the damage, and to then trim them with sharp, clean hair scissors regularly.

9. Curly Pony

If you have ever curled your hair, you probably understand the time that it consumes. If time is precious, put your hair in a high ponytail and curl it in approximately three sections to achieve those attractive waves

10. Try These Hair Ties

Believe it or not, but hair ties can actually damage your hair due to the friction they apply to each strand. This is especially true for those who sleep with hair ties in their hair, so Wengie suggests cutting up an old t-shirt for a gentler alternative and warns against braiding your hair too tight.


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