WEN by Chaz Dean [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] is not just a shampoo, not just a conditioner, but a hair transforming product. The way WEN is formulated means everything for it’s effect on the hair. Because most typical shampoos for the hair contain a stripping agent that removes dirt and impurities, it also takes the hair’s natural oils with it straight down the drain with the water and dirt. Though removing dirt, product buildup and residue is the point of a shampoo, it leaves the hair looking lifeless and dull, frizzy and tangled.

The hair’s natural oils protect the hair cuticle, help to seal in shine and enhance color whether it is natural or from a bottle. Though Emily’s hair was not color treated, the color of her hair was enhanced a million fold from the first use of WEN cleansing conditioner. Her traditional shampoo had left her hair color looking very dull, but the natural oils in the WEN brought out the WOW factor.

WEN is also an amazing choice for anyone who has color treated hair. Getting hair colored at the salon is often very expensive so it is a shame when regular shampoo washes the expensive treatment right down the drain. Because WEN leaves even salon color totally intact, using this product is a great way to preserve and extend the life of color treated hair as well. Wen is available on Amazon and on Sephora.com.

Though Emily felt that the Wen made her hair feel slightly heavy, the pictures proved otherwise. The pictures evidence tons of volume at her roots and the heaviness of the oils was only a perceived feeling and not an actual visual effect. The oils in the ultra moisturizing cleansing conditioner only made her hair seem totally nourished from the inside out and gave it a bouncier effect.

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