IAP Worldwide is a large international company that supplies technical and professional support to a vast range of clients. The company also offers facilities management and logistics assistance. The IAP Worldwide staff is made up of 2,000 plus workers. These professionals are based in 25 nations located all over the globe, too. IAP Worldwide strives to manage tough dilemmas for its private and public clients. Douglas Kitani works as the director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for IAP Worldwide. He’s a graduate of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and the U.S. Military Academy. Other widely known leadership executives who work for IAP Worldwide are Global Support Services Vice President Rick Nohmer, Business Development Senior Vice President Dale Thornton, Engineering and Aviation Vice President Michael Bozeman and Design Engineering and Power Solutions Vice President Peter Gleave.

IAP Worldwide provides its many clients with access to a broad range of services and specialties. These include expeditionary infrastructure, government help, engineering, aviation, power options, communications and IT (information technology). Expeditionary infrastructure is a significant focal point for the employees who work for IAP Worldwide. These professionals offer clients customized infrastructure guidance. They assist them with urgent medical dilemmas. They assist them with utilities, power fields and facilities upkeep as well.

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The government is yet another major area of concentration for the talents who work for IAP Worldwide. These professionals are well-versed in many aspects that involve government services. They specialize in vital subjects such as aviation support, supply chains and emergency responses.

Clients that are in need of first-rate aviation engineering assistance regularly reach out to the skilled people on the IAP Worldwide team. These professionals have significant expertise regarding contractor logistics support. They know a lot about supply chain management, engineering design and inventory management. They also know a lot about pertinent topics such as facility and industrial assistance, repair, maintenance and upgrades. Clients that are searching for dependable and efficient supply chain management and running services often depend on this prominent company. IAP Worldwide is known by many people all over the planet for its in-depth and attentive approach to these sectors.

IAP Worldwide’s main office is in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Other corporate offices for the company are in Dorset, United Kingdom, Panama City, Florida, Alexandria, Virginia and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The firm has a couple regional offices located abroad, too. These are in Kuwait City, Kuwait and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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