Las Vegas is a beautiful city to live and work, but it is also one of the hottest cities in the United States. The hot Nevada summers can wreak havoc on even the strongest people. Most Las Vegas residents are only able to survive the brutal summers is by relying on their air conditioning systems. Air conditioners are vital to life in Vegas, but a few Vegas citizens spend their summers without air conditioning. These poor citizens must pray for cloudy days to relieve them from the heat. The Las Vegas heat is dangerous and recently the people of Vegas discovered that an elderly woman was living without any form of AC.

Jean Jackson is 94 and has lived in Vegas for many years. Despite her age, Jean is extremely is spry. Jean loves Vegas, but the Summer heat was killing her. She lives in a small one-bedroom trailer and she was counting on two barely working window air conditioning units to keep her cool. The units were not able to keep up, and Jean was struggling to stay alive. Recently, the local news reported on Jean’s situation and several small businesses knew they had to act.

By the time Jean’s situation was reported on the news, she had experienced several major health issues. She had been hospitalized with heat stroke multiple times, and the paramedics were going to have her moved to a nursing home. Jean did not want to move from her home, but she knew that she could not afford a new air conditioning system. The work would cost her around $14,000 if she paid for it herself, but she lived on a fixed income. She simply could not afford the system she needs to keep living.

When the people at Goettl air conditioning saw the report they knew they could help her. They partnered with others throughout the area and immediately started working on helping their neighbor. Goettl visited Jean’s house and immediately went to work. They installed a custom mini-split system that can easily cool her home in the summer and heat it in the winter. Jean had recently experienced heat stroke, so these changes could save her life. Overall, Goettl and other groups within the community performed $14,000 in repairs on Mrs. Jackson’s home.

The Las Vegas summer is sometimes unbearable, but as long as everyone works together, people throughout the city can stay cool.

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