The association of Texas bankers meets every year for their strategic opportunities conference. This year, the conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The meeting was attended by many players in the local banking scene, but the most notable attendee was the CEO of NexBank, John Holt. Normally, the theme of the conference revolves around the concept f community banking, the challenges that it is facing and the innovations that can help the bankers resolve the problem areas.
The theme of this year’s meeting was : ‘Reinvent community banking, perspectives on competing by innovation’ . Issues that were brought to the discussion table include how technology is shaping the market when it comes to community banking and the implication of the changes to the sector. John Holt stated that his organization had been following these changes keenly and was taking the needed steps to enhance the concept of community banking. He listed the initiatives that NexBank was involved with.
There is the College Savings bank of Dallas that Nexbank recently acquired. This recent acquisition means that the community will have more confidence with the process of saving for the future of their children because the bank has a wider capital base and more finance options. He also mentioned the initiative to offer mortgages to the less fortunate members of the community of Dallas. He noted that when these low income earners got housing, they would be in a position to raise their families and their kids would be more likely to go to college, something that would raise their standard of living. Organic growth in the banks that participate in community banking was also discussed in depth.
The services that NexBank offers to their clients include Institutional banking, commercial banking, and mortgage services. The bank is one of the market leader when it comes to innovative solutions and with the excellent leadership it is enjoying, they will make it to the top.

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