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Markus Rothkranz is originally from Cologne, Germany. His family moved to Canada when he was five. Rothkranz suffered from a weakened immune system as a child; however, this did not dampen his spirit. He gave a speech about exponential evolution when he was nine years old. In the speech, Rothkranz predicted that humans would experience an evolution of higher spirituality in this lifetime.

At a young age, Rothkranz showed great promise in the arts. He used his interest in Walt Disney to make a miniature model of the Magic Kingdom. There were some computerized parts on the model that moved. His work was featured in the local news and the New York Times. He worked with an MGM producer when he was 15 years old. He made the films “Arizona Forever” and “2083”. A year later, Huron Heights Secondary School presented an automotive design award to him. Rothkranz was fascinated with theoretical physics and electronics. He made many friends in the MENSA group.

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When he graduated high school, Rothkranz moved to Florida and entered the Ringling School of Art and Design. Faculty and students were impressed with his lifelike oil paintings. While in the art school, he taught night classes. He also did design work for various architecture firms on the side.

Rothkranz decided to go to Hollywood when he was 23 years old. He worked on set design and visual effects for several major motion pictures. He also worked in the commercial business for some well-known products. Rothkranz worked on design projects for videos of some famous musicians. At the same time, his oil paintings had an international following and they were being displayed in art galleries all over the world.

The turning point of his life occurred when he turned 30. Rothkranz left the glamour of Hollywood to find himself. After giving all his possessions away, he spent 40 days in the wilderness, alone and naked. Friends and family barely knew him when he returned. Rothkranz later wrote a book “Heal Yourself 101”, which chronicles the truths he learned in his desert experience. This book has brought him recognition as a natural healer.

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He did some more work in the film industry, including a fantasy called “To The Ends of Time”. Rothkranz helped with merchandising for many famous films. He partnered with Sega Pinball, as their number-one pinball game artist. He also stayed busy writing and developing film scripts.

Since 2006, Rothkranz has returned to promoting natural healing and optimal health. He has a YouTube video out that is considered the world’s top authority in raw food. It is called “Go Raw Now”. His book has made him a world-wide health guru. Rothkranz travels the globe to tout better health in body, mind, and spirit. He has written several other health books and has produced lifestyle DVDs. Some of his books include “Free Food Medicine” and “Heal Your Face”. A plethora of websites carries his products. He is dedicated to spreading the word of good nutrition and health.

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