Cotemar is a Mexican oil & gas service company. Their services include offshore oil fields expansion, maintenance, services support, catering & accommodation, transport of personnel, and supplies by specialized vessels.

Cotemar mainly focuses on modernizing and innovating offshore rigs and processing centers from the prefabricated containers. It also deals with vessel operations supported by fast, dynamic, semi-submersible rigs which move from one oil field complex to another.


Cotemar was established in 1979 as an energy service company. It has grown to become a giant in offshore services in the gas and oil industry providing Petroleum, oil, and gas operations services in Mexico. In 1985, Cotemar acquired its first rig providing food and accommodation services with quality service delivery. It further increased the fleet of personalized transportation in 1988 and expanded its market presence by offering additional transport services on five rigs and three specialized vessels simultaneously.

In 2002 it acquired a new vessel-Hibernia, increasing its asset base and muscle in the engineering sector. Fast forward to 2016; Cotemar ventured into a new business opportunity like the onshore upstream. The contract was awarded in the Cuichapa Poniente Moloacan area, Veracruz State, Mexico. Cotemar had participated all the way to the third stage of the tendering process, led by the Commission Nacional de Hidrocarburos.


Accommodation and catering

Cotemar offers high-quality health, accommodation, and catering services on its rigs and vessels to over 4,000 clients. These services include accommodation, food, and recreational facilities such as gyms, IT entertainment, among others. It also offers laundry services, cleaning of common areas on the rigs, and vessel cabins.

Specialized marine Support ships

Cotemar has ships that supply exceptional offshore maintenance services, and light transport services in the Campeche Bay. These ships operate via satellite, linked to computers. They control the motors, ensuring the ship remains static. These vessels are the connection between Ciudad del Carmen and the offshore. All Cotemar maritime operations follow strict international management standards, specified under the ISO – ISM- ISPS certification requirement.

Building and maintenance of ships

The maintenance service works with a combined support of high load capacity derricks cranes submersible rigs. These move from one complex to another due to its mobility. Control operations are performed with modern telecommunication systems to capture field information every minute. Cotemar’s primary objectives include Installation of materials on time, and ensuring high standards of safety, quality, and respect for the environment. It also aims to deliver efficient business practices through efficient and timely work values and cost reduction services to customers. The firm complies with environmental regulations through preservation of natural habitats and reducing pollution.

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