Alexandre Gama was born in June 1958. He is a Brazilian entrepreneur and a professional in creativity mostly specializing in advertising and communication industry. Alexandre Gama founded the Neogama where he is the CEO and CCO. Neogama is among the top 20 Brazilian advertising agencies. He founded the agency in 1999. It grew with the highest rate within its three years of operation in Brazil. It was also the first to win a lion award within an existence of one year in Cannes festival.

He led the global network of agencies in the position of the global chief creative officer as the first Brazilian. He was the only Brazilian in a committee of six in the public group global creative board which is made up of the world most innovative leaders.

He holds a degree in advertising and communications from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation [FAAP]. Alexandre Gama began his advertising career in 1982 working as a copywriter and a creative director. He then moved to DM9 where he worked for four years as a creative director and a copywriter. Within that period, he was the most awarded Brazilian of his generation.He presented the master class at the Cannes festival in France as the first Latin American. He was also elected as one of the ten communication industry leaders.


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