Billy McFarland, quite possibly has put together the “coolest” of cards anywhere: It serves as a card, for purposes of payment; and provides the Millennial user a way to get into the best shows, the best retail venues, private concerts, and travel to exotic far-away places which are usually unaffordable to the majority of young, and socially-active professionals: Not so–though–when the Millennial users his Magnises card.

McFarland has developed a cool looking, hefty stylish black card. The Millennial never wants to go anywhere without carrying his Magnises card. (The card has been launched in New York City and Washington D.C.; and is in the works of being launched in other large metropolitan markets in the future.)

The card, which is very highly-refined in appearance is simply tied to an existing credit card, or debit card which the individual currently carries. He then can make use of the card by paying for purchases when visiting all of the great locales, in the city where he lives.

The card too is a social access card. The preceding means that the individual who invests in the impressive black card simply shows his card at the door of the nightclub and he gains access.

The nightclubs which have partnered with Magnises are very popular and present issues, to some degree, when individuals wish to gain access: however, the preceding is not true with regard to the Magnises member. Sure this amenity comes with a small monthly fee; however, it is very agreeable when it is that the Magnises card holder just shows his card at the door: and he is in–just like that.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland has made so many cool options available with regard to the card: For instance, the Magnises card holder can attend cocktail hours at the company’s gorgeous penthouse location. The time to visit is right at sunset.

The view of the skyline is second-to-none. The company, provides too, office space wherein a general user would pay around $500 monthly; however, the cardholder is entitled to use the space for a mere $99.00 per month.

There are cool shows put together for Magnises members. Magnises members can attend events–such as Broadway shows–with preferred seating arrangements. The seats are generally three times higher than what the Magnises member pays.

In example of it: A Broadway show is provided to the cardholder at a very agreeable and affordable rate in compared to what he would generally pay. Too: When going on weekend excursions and holidays, the Magnises club member can attain a $250 gorgeous hotel room for right around $79.00, nightly.

Events, the best in dining, exclusive concerts, a Penthouse location, reasonable work spaces, exotic, affordable vacations are just a few of the amenities, products and services of what the Black Magnises card offers the customer. (The annual fee, too, is an inspiration: The stylish, trendy card comes with a low $250.00 fee–very affordable for the niche member.

The niche member generally comes from the industries of technology, financé, and fashion.)

It is little wonder, that the personable and intelligent McFarland is considered a technical wizard by some of the biggest media sources in the business. He created his first company at just thirteen years old.

Later, he established Spling which is a site that turns text-based websites into mosaic designed imagery. He is currently the CEO of Magnises which he also founded.

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