Keith Mann recently partnered up with Dynamics Search Partners to set up a fundraising campaign for schools that are less fortunate than others. They are called uncommon schools. Throughout the time the fundraiser was running $22,000 was raised for the Uncommon Schools. The money that has been raised with help with student testing at a new school site opened by a charter school.

The point of the fundraiser was to help close the gap between underprivileged students that want to make it through all the years of schooling and graduate from college. Keith Mann has been supporting the mission to help all students get a good education.

The Uncommon Schools program has been opening new schools in New York to ensure that everyone has a facility close to them. The funding for student testing is going towards PSAT and AP Testing for each school year. Before this fundraiser Dynamics Search Partners donated $10k out of their pocket. They first started working with schools in New York back in 2013. There is a lot of room for improvement there.

Dynamic Search Partners continues to work on building a stronger relationship with schools in New York and assist as many students as possible on learning good study habits. The continued commitment to academic support with help all students in high school and many more in the years to come. Mann continues to travel around the United States touring schools and building relationships. It is good to sit with classes and get a feel for what their day-to-day agenda is like. It is inspiring to see how the donations are helping. Many students that have been helped are planning for colleges and internships.

Mann has worked in the executive search industry for over ten years and is an expert in managing funds and staffing. He served as Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search for some time. In 2006 Mann expanded Dynamic Search Partners to a private equity industry and three years later he turned it into a premier executive search firm.

Uncommon schools is working with 40 schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Home office is in New York.

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