When two companies merge, they become one, for this reason, this is the closest bond o all. It has succeeded the entire participation criterion which has extended the need to procure the best intentions in the universe. Securus Teams up with Jpay in the closest bond of all. When a company is united through acquisition, it will never be broken by anything unless failure strikes at their doorsteps. Jpay is a company which has served the American inmate facilities or more than one decade. For this reason, it is one of the most experienced providers of digitized payments, education, entertainment, ad communication in the correctional space.


Securus Technologies has also announced this acquisition through the signing of the definitive stock. When they complete the payment, they will acquire the company and its services to enrich their companionship through service delivery. Jpay is also considered as one of the leading companies serving the inmate facilities. According to a recent study, the company serves more than 33 inmate installations in the United States. Jpay has a list of entertainment applications sold to the inmate facilities. They have also specialized in training facilities which have worked to develop high-end facility training systems in a common jail operation.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, this acquisition will propel the company to greater heights concerning achievement and growth. It will also meet the needs of the company through their facility growth and market coverage in the inmate society. In the recent speculation, they will use the company to issue the inmate facilities with inmate tablets which will be used to provide better communication to their friends and families through their online capability. According to Jpay President and CEO, they have been looking forward to embracing this opportunity to unite with the market leader in the provision of services to the inmate facilities.

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