A great business strategy is one of the key determinants in the success of any business. Nathaniel Ru is the mind behind the most famous brand; Sweetgreen. The brand is an American casual fast food restaurant that offers its customers healthy food. It ensures its objective is aligned with people’s focus of staying healthy which has made it very popular. Ru has made use of the business skills that he acquired in school to venture in the business.



He graduated from Georgetown University having studied business during his undergraduate course. Three months later together with his colleagues from Georgetown University founded the Sweetgreen brand. They set the first store within Georgetown and with time the brand has expanded to other regions. The reason behind the extensive expansion is the aggressive nature of the partners and the proper market strategies. These strategies help the brand’s venture into new markets. Ru has focused the strategy of the brand with the main objective of sustainability and by use of local materials in the preparation of their food.



Sweetgreen has a seasonal menu that rotates five times in a year. The use of the farmers produce makes it easy to achieve the desired quality since they acquire it when it is fresh. The restaurants use natural flavors to sweeten their food and only add natural sweeteners such as honey. In addition to this, Sweetgreen only uses produce from farmers that use organic methods of farming. By so doing, it ensures that they get the best produce that is conventionally grown. Moreover, the Sweetgreen chain makes it possible for the organization to acquire new customers and markets due to their transparent nature.



Ru says that the Sweetgreen chain is known for tasty food that is reasonably priced. It is amazing how for the same money that one spends on fries it is possible to acquire healthy food at the Sweetgreen stores. He reveals that the success of the food chain is through critical evaluation of the market in the new places. This method ensures that the food chain has proper strategies to penetrate the new market. Ru also points out to the importance of timing in entering the new markets. He says that timing of opening new stores is one of Sweetgreen’s real estate strategies enhancing their competitive advantage. The strategy determines how many stores they open in a new place at any given time. For a healthy nutritious meal, find a Sweetgreen store near you.



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