The EOS lip balm has taken over the lip balm market in this country. The little round orbs filled with aromatic lip balm are a favorite for millions of women across the country. Surprisingly, EOS lip balm is new to the lip balm market, compared to traditional favorites like Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is lavishly displayed in Facebook ads, magazine pictorials and in local retail stores like Target and Walmart. Today, the small startup is the second best, selling lip balm. How did they achieve that position in an over-saturated lip balm market? Read on for more about EOS.

In The Beginning

In the beginning there were about three main players in the lip balm industry that controlled all the sales. Of course, there were hundreds or even thousands of lesser known brands. However, they were all very similar in product and product packaging. Sanjiv Mehra, the EOS co-founder and managing partner decided that the lip balm market was too static and needed a bit of shaking up. At the time, lip balm was treated like a unisex product or a product used by men and women. He realized that women were the main consumers and designed his product to attract the female consumer.

Natural And Organic

Researchers believe that the small startup hit the market at just the right time with a natural and organic lip balm ( formula that met the female consumers’ demand for products that were more natural. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner has plenty to say about their initial beginnings. He states that the company’s main focus was on creating products that the market was hungry for and making sure that the products reached their targeted market. Today, Mehra believes that it is the right time to inform the consumer about their company and their philosophy concerning only producing natural and organic products.


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