Every parent and teacher knows that keeping open communication is the best way to help kids learn and participate successfully in the classroom. With busy schedules and extra events, it can be hard to keep that line of communication open. Most parents want to be more involved but have to go to work and can’t make it to certain events. ClassDojo is changing that so more parents can be involved with their kids education and teachers can more easily communicate with the parents.

ClassDojo is an app that is free for any device! This app allows students to create a profile where parents can see what goes on in the classroom with videos and pictures. Kids can also receive praise on this app for doing a good job. The parents may also communicate with the teachers through this app in a private text conversation without giving out any information such as phone numbers or emails.

How would you get parents on board with this idea? Angel.co says,  the ClassDojo website has videos and print outs that you can share with them explaining how this app works and how it will help the students with school. Same thing with the students, they have a video and a questions and answer page on the website to share with them.

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Success with this app has been incredible! It has reached 90% of US schools already and has helped with student growth mindset. ClassDojo has also won many awards including 2011 Education Innovation.

With so many people connected to technology, why not bring a positive app to the classroom to help students learn and keep parents involved in the education they receive? ClassDojo is sure to make a positive impact in keeping you connected to your kids education!


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