Preventing crimes that take place in prisons is a difficult thing to do. First of all, prisoners are very unlikely to tip off law enforcement officers. They do so at risk for their own safety. Secondly, prison guards may be in on the crime taking place inside of a prison. This includes smuggling in contraband for the prisoners for profit. Many times, guards themselves are a part of a crime ring inside of a prison.


So how do you get information about the criminal happenings inside of prison? You may have come up with the idea to listen in on prison phone calls. You’d be right. Many times, criminals give away their plans during their phone calls out of a prison. If you need contraband smuggled into the prison, for instance, you need to communicate your order to somebody.


This is where it gets tricky. While listening to prisoner phone calls is a good way to collect intelligence, how would you go about doing it? You couldn’t have a panel of law enforcement officers constantly listening in on the phone calls. That would be way too much man power. The costs for that kind of surveillance would be sky high. Plus, you’d want your officers doing other things, such as enforcing the law.


That’s where a telecommunications company called Securus comes in. This company provides internet and phone call services to prisons. In an effort to help law enforcement prevent crime, they have developed proprietary software. Securus records all prison phone calls. The recorded digital information is then stored in a database.


The software is capable of searching the database for a single person’s voice. This allows law enforcement officers to follow up on leads, collect actionable intelligence and prevent crime taking place in the prison. It keeps everyone safe.

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