With Life Line Screening’s services, people can rest easy knowing that they do not have an increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Life Line Screening’s health screening services allow consumers to take control of their health through three different screening packages, determined by a person’s risk factors and family history. For example, according to Life Line Screening’s website, 90 percent of cardiovascular physicians support preventive screenings for people with risk factors that may lead to cardiovascular disease. Typically, a person’s primary care provider will send their patient to the hospital for screening; however, some people do not have a family doctor.

While the majority of people who have screenings at Life Line are pleased with their results, a few people have results that must be shared with a physician for follow up. Steve T. discovered a partial blockage in his right carotid artery and his doctor referred him for a Doppler ultrasound. In the end, Steve had a carotid endarterectomy, possibly saving him from having a significant stroke.

Life Line Screening’s finger-stick test checks for glucose levels, total cholesterol and elevated liver enzymes in person who have risk factors for any of these diseases. With type 2 diabetes, people can have the disease and never realize it until they have one of the symptoms, such as blurred vision, that indicate the damage is already occurring.

Each year, Life Line Screening visits more than 20,000 local events, offering their services to health fairs, insurance companies and community groups. Hospitals also partner with Life Line Screening to identify asymptomatic individuals who will require follow up.

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