There are many ways to succeed in the world of technology and it appears that Eric Pulier, an author and entrepreneur, has figured out the majority of them. Right now Eric Pulier is one of the most innovative professional entrepreneurs in the tech industry and his work is going to have long-standing effects for years to come. Pulier worked his way up into this position thanks to a wide and varied career that was fueled by his commitment to outworking everyone in the room. Let’s look at how Eric Pulier, founder of XPrize, has become the man he is today.


To start things off you would have to really understand just where Pulier came from. Pulier grew up in the ’80s in New Jersey where his fascination with computers first bloomed. Pulier loved computers so much that by the 4th grade he was already learning how to program. From there it was a hop and a step to running his own computer database business — all before graduating high school. Pulier innately took to computers like a fish to water and that would follow him going forward in life. A short stop at Harvard, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, would precede Pulier landing in Los Angeles and ready to start his career.


Since landing in Los Angeles in 1991, Pulier has gone on to establish some highly successful business ventures. Of those ventures we can see that Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, Akana and Desktone have all gone on to do some great things. Right now Pulier is focused on the work that his company vAtomic Systems is working on — a digital macro elements being proliferated as real goods. Puliers’ vAtomic Systems was created after carefully analyzing marketing trends in order to identify how things were changing going into the future. It was easy for Pulier to pull the trigger once he realized how successful macro trading could be.


Eric Pulier has done many things outside of the industry, as well. His philanthropy with Painted Turtle has been life changing. The Painted Turtle is a summer camp for children suffering from chronic illness. It is a life changing event for these children as it gives them joy and helps to raise money to support their needs.



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