I work in our local state jail, and each day I am putting my life on the line to try to keep the peace in jail. These same inmates that I am trying to keep from hurting each other, are the ones getting high and looking to hurt me and my team of corrections officers. To combat the problem, we have to work tirelessly each day to try to keep drugs out of the inmates hands.


An inmate who is high on drugs can be a bigger problem to handle and puts us all in severe danger. The ways that we try to combat the flow of drugs in the jail is by stopping each visitor and going through their belongings and scanning them trough a large x-ray machine. Gang members are not concerned about going to jail if caught smuggling drugs because they feel they will earn credit with the gang leader for taking the risk.


To fight the drug issues on another level, we do a surprise cell inspection all the time. These searches sometimes yield us the drugs we want, but the inmates tend to be one step ahead of us and keep the drugs from being discovered. One last resource that has become invaluable in our efforts to stop the flow of drugs in the jail in monitoring the inmate calls. The inmates know we are listening, so they try to code their messages so we can not make heads or tails of what they are saying.


When Securus Technologies installed the new system to monitor all inmate calls, we saw results immediately. The chatter was detected by the LBS software, and pointed us to inmates who were handing down orders, how the drugs got into the jail, and who was carrying out the orders. This phone system has been key in our efforts to make the jail safer.


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