This video is a great introduction to the importance of facial massaging as well as a tutorial on how to get started. The techniques of facial massaging have been used for hundreds of years and are used in many Asian countries for the anti aging benefits. However these techniques also help with sagging skin, dull skin, discoloration, aging spots, eye bags, puffy eyes, as well as reduce bloating in the face. Facial massages can also reduce toxins in the body and help to create an overall healthier lifestyle, for they can reduce toxicity and bloating in your face and create a slimmer and smoother skin. Because your skin is always changing as you age, facial massages become more and more important as they can strengthen your skin and tighten up your sagging areas. Bloating can also reduce over time with a combination of several liters of water and continuous facial massages. In order to start your facial massage you will need to start with a tool to draw it with. Whether it be a Chinese spoon or a plastic massager, these tools will allow you to begin your facial massage. The second item you will need is a lubricant such as oil cleanser, coconut oil, hemp oil, or facial oils. As you begin, it is important to note any open wounds on your face and mark them to avoid them during your face massage. Start by lubricating the areas you will be massaging. Begin the scraping process with your Chinese spoon by scarping upwards on your forehead. After the forehead has been completed, move to the remainder of your face, creating soft downward motions until you reach the end of your chin. Once the oil has been massaged throughout your face, return to any remaining spots that may require extra work or that you may have missed, lubricating each spot accordingly. Once completed, you may use your tool of choice to scrape the remaining oil on your face down through your neck or allow the oil to sit and soak into your skin. Either way your massage experience should only take about 10 to 15 minutes. Facial massages are a very easy and convenient way to care of your facial skin and overall health.

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