The Dating World Today

Whitney Wolfe is a veteran of the dating app world. She has managed to create some of the most successful stories in the dating world thanks to her work at Hatch Labs. There she created Tinder alongside others and worked to make it the most successful dating app around. However, she isn’t satisfied with what Tinder has become and wants to make something much greater. This is where she came up with the idea of Bumble from.

How She Plans On Changing It

The biggest problem she sees with online dating is the rise of sexual harassment. So many women using online dating apps are forced to deal with some of the ugliest examples of harassment around. To combat this Bumble only allows men to respond to women after women have made the first move. This stands in direct contrast to what is often seen in so many dating apps around the world. The results of this experiment seem to be paying off. Very few people who use Bumble complain of sexual harassment. Although other dating sites aren’t willing to disclose how often sexual harassment goes on, less than 1% of Bumble users report sexual harassment.

What It Means For All Of Us

The results of Bumble suggest we have a better ways of dealing with the issues commonly found in online dating. There isn’t much to compare this to because other dating apps aren’t the business of assessing sexual harassment, but it’s clear that she has certainly created something that she can be proud of. Bumble is already giving millions of people hundreds of millions of matches with no signs of stopping. If things continue the way they are now it’s likely that future successes will be even greater.

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