Bruno Fagali, a law specialist and an attorney of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics is a qualified specialist in various law and integrity fields. He attained Bachelor in Law from PUC / SP College, masters in the state law from University of Sao Paulo (USP), law faculty and the Administrative law qualification from PUC / SP College. Bruno Fagali also attained the compliance qualification from FGV-Gv law.

Bruno Fagali has worked as the integrity manager of the advertising agency, the “new branch/ sb” and the ethics and advertising coordinator of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. In the recent development of the new branch/sb code of conduct and evaluation of the leader’s position, Bruno Fagali’s position as the manger was stabilized for the next two years. Fagali as the corporate integrity manager is as well the one responsible for the application of rules in the agency.

Fagali has been worked in various law firms. For example, he was employed at Associados Advocacia, Calil and Radi, where he all worked as an attorney. Due to his academic specializations and experience as a lawyer, Mr. Fagali has been able to invent the FAGALI advocacy. The firm has the functional placement contract. Due to the interest of finding a solution to the equality, FAGALI advocacy mainly focuses on the four subjects, the anti-corruption, compliance, public law, and election.

Bruno is well identified with his integrity and the provision of satisfactory legal service. He has made various assortments to eradicate corruption which is related to the public funds. He went as far as training some corporates on ways to initiate transparency and ethics within their organization. Bruno Fagali remains to be one of the reputable and uprising lawyers in Brazil. He continually contributes to the growth and stabilization of Brazil’s legal system.

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