Eric lefkofsky has earned approximately $ 1.79 billion over the years from his successful e-commerce start-ups. This achievement motivates him to think of bigger and better projects in future. Eric became popular after he joined Echo Global Logistics. Eric partnered with Brad Keywell to do business. Their innovative nature has enabled them to make significant achievements in the medical sector. Eric currently owns Tempus Company. The company has contributed to numerous innovations that have revolutionized the health sector. Lefkofsky made important inventions in the gaming and financial sector. The inventions motivated him to try the same in the medical industry.

Tempus thought of ways of assembling an extensive genomic database of cancer. The large data system allows doctors to compare patients’ DNA to the data it contains. From the comparison, they can correlate their therapeutic needs. This system makes, living with cancer for a long time more realistic than before. Eric has brought revolutionary changes to health by making cancer manageable. Large chunks of data that once went to waste after being collected are now analyzed to give improved treatment to patients.

Eric has made it possible for Tempus to collaborate with other renowned hospitals to gain access to a broad range of data. It was also their initiative to ensure that a 20000 square foot laboratory for gene sequencing and coding was built. Additionally, Eric spearheads Software technological advancement that will allow DNA profiles from patients to be compared with other cancer profiles. This technology makes it easy to get adequate information about patients and apply it to ensure that they get the best treatment.In his journey to forming Tempus, Eric left his position as the Chief Executive Officer of Groupon in 2015. Even though he left the company, he is still its largest shareholder. As the leader of Tempus, he hired Kevin White who is a geneticist with extensive genetic knowledge. He has so far built the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago. Eric’s inventions inspire many young medical practitioners to embrace creativity in their profession.



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