John Goullet is a renowned figure in the technology industry. He currently serves as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. John started off his career as an IT consultant. He was later promoted to the position of a staffing officer before founding Info Technologies in the year 1994. His deep knowledge in the field enabled him to create Info Technologies, a firm whose mission was to offer staffing services and solutions to other companies. His passion for helping clients find solutions to their problems is matched by his great skills in leadership and commitment. Not only would John Goullet meet his clients’ expectations, but he would deliver beyond them. Under his leadership, the company recorded a high growth rate and received some awards such as being ranked eighth among other promising companies in the country. At the same time, Info Technologies appeared twice on the list for some fastest growing firms in the US.

DIVERSANT, LLC, is a prestigious IT staffing enterprise which is American-African owned in the United States. The firm is renowned for its professionalism, excellent customer service, and its commitment towards its clients. Despite most firms experiencing economic depression, DIVERSANT, LLC continues to dominate the market. With John Goullet’s position as the principal, his leadership skills continue to be evident in making the firm’s reputation to grow positively.

According to his interview with ideamensch, John Goullet says that the idea for DIVERSANT came to him several years ago. This was after he realized that there was a challenge for companies to find appropriate staffing solutions. John believed in himself and DIVERSANT came into existence. He continues to say that a typical day for him starts off with him hitting the gym and working out for about an hour. He then heads off to the office by around 8 in the morning. Unless he has any dinner appointments in the evening, he leaves the office by 6.

John Goullet says that his way of bringing ideas to life is geared by simply being keen to the labor markets and reading enough books. He continues to reveal that with the shortage of IT staff in the country, the firm strives to create technologies that will be highly demanded in the market.

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