Chris Burch, known for his extensive and smart investments, tried his hand at hotel-owning in 2015. It turns out that Burch has a knack for it. Burch has had a hand in the rise of over 50 companies by combining his knowledge of what consumers want with his international experience. Burch brought this view into crafting his Nihiwatu resort.

Chris Burch bought a piece of land in Indonesia in early 2012, intent on building a resort there. He opened Nihiwatu in 2015 and by 2016 the Travel + Leisure Magazine named it the best hotel in the world. Nihiwatu is partitioned into 27 villas, each with a plunge pool, privacy, and breathtaking view of the island. Accomplishing this goal in such a short amount of time can be owed to Burch’s eye for innovative practice.  More of this on

Burch, along with hotelier James McBride, set out to build a resort geared towards the millennial generation. Nihiwatu offers both luxury and adventure as a way to appeal to its audience. Known for its perfect surf weather, the resort only allows up to 10 surfers in its waters at one time. It also offers classes for surfing as well as yoga, rock climbing, and horse riding. The intimate nature of the Nihiwatu allows for a true getaway. This duality of peace and adventure calls to younger consumers.  The site has interesting article to offer to the reader.

The resort, in addition to being beautiful, is also a large boost to the local economy. It is the biggest local employer on the island and even gives a portion of it’s profits to the Sumba Foundation. The Sumba Foundation aims to help fund local projects. In keeping with this idea of giving back to the community, decorations in the villa include traditional Sumbanese antiques and prints.

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Burch and his partner McBride hope to open similar resorts in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. For a glimpse of his timeline activities, hit on

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