Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA, a well-known national network of five hospitals serving cancer patients, formed a partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a custom support solution for the cancer treatment process called the Clinical Pathways program. NantHealth, a renowned personalized and evidence-based healthcare company, integrated its clinical decision support solution called eviti into the program.

Allscripts, the head of healthcare information technology solution, incorporated its electronic health record (HER) to enhance storing, sharing and retrieving of information. The Clinical Pathways program was devised to help inform physicians about the cancer treatment processes without necessarily interrupting their workflow. Moreover, NantHealth’s operating system was developed with the input of several professional oncologists thus hold a comprehensive collection of data concerning the evolution of cancer.

The Platform

Clinical Pathways integrates the current cancer research, treatment regimens, and corresponding therapies into the EHR. This gives the oncologists an opportunity to develop a curated list of care procedures for cancer patients. When the Clinical pathway program is operational, it provides real-time functionality, access to referenced guidelines, response rates, and toxicity, as well as a comparison between different treatment options.

The platform enhances transparency around care delivery and therapeutic options. It also assists to improve efficiency and quality of life by decreasing variability in care. Additionally, it enables patients and their physicians to discuss and create a comparison between treatments. Further, the integration of EHR and eviti enables physicians and oncologists to access information from the fair Evidence-Based Medical Library easily.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

CTCA is the acclaimed national, for-profit network of five renowned hospitals including Southeastern, Southwestern, Western, Eastern, and Midwestern that serve patients diagnosed with cancer all over the US. The organization incorporates integrative approaches and integrative therapies in the treatment process of cancer. The latter assists to manage side effects from the treatment procedures including pain, nausea, and malnutrition. The former uses conventional approaches such as immunotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy.

CTCA’s excellent services have earned it awards including the Magnet Award and the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures. Additionally, the organization’s four hospitals in exception of the Western hospital have been acknowledged for robust patient satisfaction.

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