Cotemar Mexico is dealing with its first challenge after being among the companies that won tenders that opened the oil and gas industry to other firms. Petroleos Mexicanos was the only operator, supplier, partner, and customer. Now, Pemex will have to get accustomed to seeing the other companies as competitors. Cotemar is working hard to make their investment on the project profitable.

Unfortunately, they had to deal with land issues they inherited from Pemex too. Although it is going to take commitment to pull through these challenges, this venture is expected to be a big boost to the Mexican economy. It is also projected to reverse the trauma that led to the exhaustion of Cantarell which reduced oil production.

Cotemar was founded in 1979 and has been providing top-notch offshore services in the Gulf of Mexico. Clients’ needs at Cotemar are their primary priority. They aim at providing them a competitive advantage at a reasonable cost.

The company is driven by reliability, innovation, integrity, responsibility, and collaboration. With the changing technology and needs, Cotemar has to adapt new ideas and keep the balance between the resources, environment, and community around. Cotemar Mexico adheres to legal requirements, international standards, and financial responsibilities.

The services
Owning a well is the last service Cotemar added to their operations. Apart from that, the company offers catering and accommodation services to people who are working in the Gulf. The full package includes housekeeping of the cabins, food preparation, laundry and cleaning of common areas.

Another service is to do innovation and modernization of processing centers and rigs for the clients. They perform installation, prefabrication and commissioning operations with the help of the company’s semi-submersible rigs that can move swiftly to different complex to provide services exactly when needed. Lastly, Cotemar Mexico has specialized vessels that transport food, people, and light cargos. They provide towing and firefighting services and barges.

Cotemar’s belief
Cotemar is committed to their employees. The company believes that only when they are comfortable, is when they can give their best at work. The jobs at the company give the employees a chance for self-growth and development of their potential.

The employees’ families are also not left behind as Cotemar organizes equity programs, industrial safety events, health education and sports for them. Creating jobs for the community is one of the company’s ways to show appreciation for the neighboring community. Cotemar Mexico spreads awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment by setting good examples.

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