Part of my duties on the fugitive task force is to make sure that we utilize every resource available while looking for new ones in our search for suspects. This month we had a very troubling case on our hands, and the suspect was literally causing serious problems for multiple agencies at this point. Not only was he robbing people and beating them, he was calling out the authorities to try and stop him by taunting the police with videos on social media.


The biggest problem that we had with this case was the suspect warned my team to back off, and if we did not listen, he was going to make innocent people suffer as a result. He went on a tirade about watching everything we do, and if we were to try and contact family or friends of the suspect, he would make someone pay. Without those resources, we couldn’t even go to the jail to question inmates because one of them would run back to the suspect and tip him off.


It was around this time I discovered Securus Technologies put a new inmate call monitoring system in the jail that allowed us to listen unlike any way we have done in the past. When inmates talked on the phone now, the LBS software could alert us to specific chatter. We decided to see if our suspect was on the minds of any of the inmates, and luckily for us he was the topic of conversation with one inmate who was trying to get a message to the suspect we were in the jail. Before that message was delivered, we had a team at that location and were able to catch the suspect hiding with friends that were not even on our radar as of this point.

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