Jason Hope is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is known for his various philanthropic works as well as for being a highly successful investor and a serial entrepreneur. Jason Hope has invested in many start-ups in the past that have grown to become full-fledged companies today. Jason Hope believes in the power of technology, and as a futurist, he feels that it is the technology that would define how the future would be. Jason Hope is presently associated with the world of mobile technology and is related to the firms building futuristic mobile applications.

Jason Hope also feels that the world of technology is going to change forever with the advent of the Internet of Things or the IoT technology. There are many different kinds of applications of the Internet of Things technology, and it would help in changing how we live today. The Internet of Things technology would connect various devices and gadgets we use today, starting from the coffeemaker to the air conditioner and from watch to the phone, and beyond. Jason Hope says that the use of Internet of Things tool, it would help people by saving their time in carrying out unnecessary task and minimizing wastage in the industry.

Jason Hope has for years been one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the field of technology and has helped bring the vision of many of the start-ups to reality. One of the areas that Jason Hope is seriously invested in is biotechnology. Jason Hope is known for his association with the SENS Research Foundation to which Jason Hope also donates periodically for the research that the institution is carrying out. Jason feels that the process of aging is reversible and that the average lifespan of a person can be increased drastically with the use of biotechnology and advanced research, which is what SENS Research Foundation is conducting. Jason Hope feels that many new advancements would be taking place in the future, which are unthinkable now.

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