As a result of putting consumers first and dealing with the challenges of doing such a thing, OSI Group has made it onto the list of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. OSI is a holding company of meat processors that is involved in the food and retail industries. The types of products that they work with include bacon, poultry, hot dogs, products with vegetables, fish and pizza.

Recently, they have acquired a number of companies and facilities. These companies include Flagship Europe and Baho Food. They have purchased a warehouse and meat processing facility in Chicago that was once owned by Tyson. Tyson Foods had closed down the facility in 2015, due to efficiency issues.

Baho Food, Flagship Europe and OSI will all benefit from the acquisitions because now these companies all have greater access to resources, professional contacts, and larger global markets. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI. Prior to being the CEO, he had a career in finance. Using his business acumen, he turned OSI Group from a national company to a global company with 60 locations in 60 countries.

Flagship Europe and Baho Food are both food companies. Baho Food produces meat products for retail and food service. They produce their products in plants throughout the Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food has five subsidiaries. Flagship Europe was established in 1991 and deals with meat products. However, in 2010, it acquired Oasis Foods, and started to become involved with dips, sauces, dressings and mayonnaise. Russell Maddock is the Chief Executive of the company. Some of the brands that Flagship Europe acquired include Oliver James Foods, Tabasco, Go On! and Oasis Foods.

OSI Group is happy to have acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Food because now it’s influence and business has solidified more overseas. Flagship Europe and Baho Food are happy to have been acquired because they now have more opportunities to better serve their customers and more resources.


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