Clay Siegall is a genetics expert who is well recognized for the significant contributions that he has made towards cancer treatment. He is the founder of Seattle Technologies and has been working with different researchers to come up with excellent drugs and therapies that can replace chemotherapies in the treatment of cancer. Siegall created the company as a regular biotechnology research business, but it has currently grown into one of the recognized enterprises in the pharmaceuticals industry. He has been working to establish customized cures that can be used for particular patients.

Dr. Siegall began gaining interest in cancer treatments after discovering that chemotherapies had adverse side effects on the human body. He felt that there was a need to develop new drugs that will have no effects at all. Seattle Genetics has currently commercialized its products that have been approved by the FDA, and it makes profits to sustain itself. The company initially depended on funding from private and public investors. It completed its IPO in 2001, and this greatly assisted it to start off.

The career of the Clay Siegall has blossomed since he created Seattle Genetics. Before that, he was a researcher at various institutions. He was employed by the National Institute of Health as from 1988 to 1991. During this period, he also served the National Cancer Institute. The genetics expert later worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he was a researcher until 1997.

Clay gained sufficient expertise in research and decided to start Seattle Genetics. He is the CEO of the biotechnology company and has led it in developing different types of ADCs. Siegall has also been acting as the chair of the firm’s board of directors. Under his leadership, the company managed to hold private and public funding programs that enabled it to raise more than $675 million. The company managed to secure an FDA approval for ADCETRIS in 2011. Over the years it has created more than 20 ADC that it sells internationally. Seattle Genetics has currently collaborated with Genentech, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and Bayer in manufacturing drugs.

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