When the availability of visibility solutions first became available, transportation departments utilized measuring the on-time performance as the common key performance indicator (KPI). There was a review of a carrier score card every quarter. Air and Ocean carriers were measured through the on-time performance while the rail carriers measured and reported theirs as the scheduled departures. The service types were used to measure the motor carriers. It was also very rare for companies to look at multi-mode and multi-leg shipments (LinkedIn). What was even very uncommon were KPIs which are the best practice mostly available today that goes beyond the regulatory, financial and physical aspects of what is known as the supply chain.


Today, there is more that is available to the shipper which is enabled through the quick evolution of GPS data sets and real-time tracking devices, the Internet of things and the enablement of the technology of the global trading partners facilitated by mobile solutions. When you want to evaluate the opportunities for the supply chain performance, the best practice KPI’s currently focusing on the metrics across trading partners and function and not just barely focusing on just the performance of the operations which are isolated of a given carrier. Apart from the carrier performance, the performance of the end-to-end supply can also be measured by the clients.


Edisoft Company was established in 1995 with the key vision of offering EDI solutions that are unparalleled and would ensure that medium-sized and small businesses can trade and connect easily with their partners. Edisoft was set out to build up a product that integrated the full-featured EDI solutions functionality just directly into ERP and major accounting software systems.


Edisoft brought together an international team of Software, and EDI specialists in its headquarter located in Toronto and got on an intensive R and D program. What resulted was Edisoft Merchant group of products, a full EDI solution that is engineered to function seamlessly with the indigenous databases of the major well-liked accounting systems. Edisoft is the international software company that serves partners and clients globally from offices in the USA and Canada.

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