Glen Wakeman is amongst the top most executives in the United States and has the experience of working for over a decade with GE Capital. Glen Wakeman is known as a smart businessman with sharp business skills, and whichever position he has held for the many companies he has worked for through his career, he has managed to provide great results. Glen Wakeman has extensive experience of working and has held the position of President and Chief Executive Offer at the company. He has founded a company known as Nova Four, which he continues to head till date successfully.

In his role at GE Capital, he was able to make some very strategic changes in the business structure as well as manage the P&L roles in a very efficient manner. It helped the company to increase its turnover manifolds under his guidance (Twitter). Glen Wakeman also assisted in ensuring the company can get new clients consistently through the various business development initiatives he implemented. The business policy of Glen Wakeman has always revolved around the five factors that he believes are essential for any business, which are risk management, governance, human capital, execution, and leadership. Glen Wakeman believes that focusing on these factors would invariably help in generating growth and sustainably initiate business expansion.

Presently, Glen Wakeman serves the role of Chief Executive Officer at the company he founded named LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which is a SAAS based enterprise. It helps the entrepreneurs and start-ups to mature their business structure efficiently and grow at a consistent pace in the mainstream market. The company helps in managing the companies’ online marketing and credentialing. He holds MBA degree in finance that he received from the Chicago University and had done Bachelor in Science in Finance and Economics from the prestigious Scranton University. Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur but also a highly sought after mentor as well. Over the years, he has collectively handled enterprises with over 17,000 employees and assets of over $15 billion.


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