End Citizens United has made it their personal mission to help transform the state of politics in the United States. Their reasoning? In 2010 a man named James Bopp lead a group named Citizens United in a systematic assault on the voting rights of American citizens. Bopp and Citizens United argued before the Supreme Court that corporations should be considered people and that their monetary donations on campaign trails should be considered a part of their freedom of speech. This is pretty clearly a technique in order to allow more special interests into Washington D.C. There has, however, been major pushback with End Citizens United leading the way.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was founded over a year ago in order to fight back against the Citizens United decision. End Citizens United is being led by Tiffany Muller, the president of the PAC, and she has been instrumental in engineering the grassroots effort that ECU has been implementing since the inauguration fo President Trump. Muller knows that Americans around the country are furious and that they want a way to fight back against the destructive Trump regime and that End Citizens United is providing a path for them going forward.

The goal of End Citizens United is simple: to introduce a constitutional amendment so that they can attempt to reverse the Citizens United decision that was made by the Supreme Court. In order for this to happen, however, Muller needs to lead End Citizens United to endorse more high-level legislators that are willing to make campaign finance reform a key part of their platform. So far campaign finance reform has been a completely one-sided affair and has thus become a partisan issue. Democrats have overwhelmingly voted in support of campaign finance reform while Republican legislators have universally turned away from the concept. End Citizens United recently endorsed at least 11 Democratic candidates throughout the 2017 and 2018 elections with their most recent endorsement going to KyrstenSinema of Arizona.

KyrstenSinema is running for a State Senate seat out in Arizona. Sinema has long been revered for championing the fight against dark money in politics and the reduction of special interests in the highest levels of Washington D.C. Tiffany Muller said of Sinema, “Congresswoman Sinema has been an independent voice for Arizona families and believes the people should hold the power in our democracy.” Muller went on to espouse how confident ECU was in their endorsement of the Congresswoman.

Sinema herself said, “Arizonans are sick and tired of a broken Washington selling them out to special interests donors, which is why I have consistently worked to increase transparency in our democracy, and to reduce the influence of money in our electoral system.”

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united

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