The Orange Coast College recently had a ribbon cutting event to mark the completion of a larger recycling facility, which would then be opened to the public. The Aden Avenue Facility, which covers an area of about five acres, had taken the construction team about one year and four months costing $7 million in the process. The College had been carrying out recycling services for the past four decades although it was being done in a relatively smaller facility, which only occupied an acre of land. The new facility would allow more people around Southern California to dispose unwanted materials and equipment and get compensation for that. One major benefit of the recycler to the larger community is that it would create an eco-friendly environment around it. Aden Avenue Facility included offices, showers, a meeting area and other rooms. The parking lot has been expanded and can accommodate up to 45 vehicles.


Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, was founded in 1947 with its first classes commencing in 1948. Throughout its existence, the school has been an important institution for students who wanted to obtain science degrees, two-year associate of art and other certificates of achievement. Since it was founded, the school’s facilities have continued to be improved. Some of the notable ones include a new library, which was opened in 2008, the Lewis Science Building that was modernized, the Starbucks that was constructed by the New Art Center as well as the new Math, Business and Computing Center completed in 2015.


As per the fall of 2016, the school was admitting about 25,000 students. It is this growth that has made the Orange County Community College be ranked as the first among schools around its location. Learning at the OCC is in the best available facilities and with the latest technology. This has enabled it to offer some of the best career programs including public nautical programs. Another area that the Orange Coast College stands out is in transfers ranking third in California for both UC and CSU transfers. Among the more than 5,000 community schools in the United States, it ranks 65tyh. Learn more:


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