Antibody drug conjugates have changed the game, especially when it comes to fighting cancer. These are some of the most aggressive and progressive cancer treatments of all-time. Dr. Clay Siegall, founder of Seattle Genetics, is on a mission to save lives. This organization just so happens to be one of the leading cancer research companies in the world, and it specializes in the commercialization of these advanced treatments. Siegall has used his supreme knowledge and leadership to turn this organization into a huge success. As of today, Seattle Genetics has an estimated 1,000 employees, and its stock has roughly tripled in the last few years.

ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has brought in over $350 million in revenue since its inception. Thanks to Siegall’s ability to enter the drug into multiple strategic license deals, this advanced drug is now being used in up to 60 different countries worldwide. Siegall actually became more interested in this field work while studying Zoology at the University of Maryland. A close family member was struggling with the disease at the time and Siegall decided to make fighting cancer his personal mission. Of course, he earned a B.S. in Zoology, but he also has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University. Many of the predecessor cancer fighting drugs have caused just as much sickening effects as the actual cancer drug itself. Something had to be done about this as Siegall began his quest by founding Seattle Genetics in the late 1990s.

Seattle Genetics earn its revenue by selling its own proprietary drugs, and it also earns revenue through licensing as well as product partnerships. The company has many more drugs that are already in its pipeline. Siegall’s strong principles of rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation has turned this biotech company into a powerhouse. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is a winning combination, but who knows what this due will bring-forth in the years to come.

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