Greg Secker is an entrepreneur,philanthropist, international speaker and a master forex trader. Greg who was a multi-millionaire by his twenties began his career at the Thomas Cook Financial services and later moved to Virtual Trading Desk a real-time forex trading platform which allows clients to receive quotes for substantial foreign exchange transactions. He later became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation and then Fortune 500 investment bank.

Greg began a company known as Learn to trade after his exit from international trading floors. The company has grown and has offices in London,Australia,South Africa and Philipines.Through the company, over 200,000 people have learned how to trade. Greg main company is knowledge to action which houses his other companies which include learn to trade,Smart charts Software,capital index,Fx capital and Greg Secker foundation which impacts people around the world and improves their lives.

Greg’s companies have received various awards. Knowledge to action was the finalist in 2009 in London Excellence Award. The company was position 49 in Sunday times fast track 100awards. Learn to trade has been recognized as the best educator consecutively in 2010 and 2013.Learn to trade was also awarded best forex trader training in the UK. Greg has also received a nomination from Richtopia 2017, and he was a finalist in 2017 National CSR awards.

Greg Secker through an interview gives an insight on forex trading and how to be successful. Greg says to begin with one needs to know the basics. Greg also notes that it’s essential to have a mentor to enable one to understand the methodology easily.Greg also advises that one should learn a trading strategy well and grasp it completely. Like any other job,it’s essential to have a plan and to be realistic.Set goals that are achievable. Greg also notes that the forex trading is not overwhelming, but one needs to find the right information.

Greg further advises that it’s important to find the forex indicator that works best for you. Although there are various indicators, one must learn what is ideal. It’s also important to have an economic calendar as this will assist make decisions which are profitable and keep track. Greg says it takes time and technology and determination to learn forex trading.

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