There is nothing that is more painful than watching a group of people suffer because of their faith, the color of their skin or ethnicity. It is even more disturbing when a few people in power use their influence to bring undue suffering to other members of the society. George Soros is a Hungarian born New York businessman, philanthropist, and author. He has for a long time been a champion for the rights of the of the less fortunate in the society. The latest from his Open Society Foundation is that he has already released $18 billion of his estate to help with the philanthropic activities that he supports.

Perhaps it is his past that has shaped him into the philanthropist that he is. George was born in Hungary in 1930. At the time, the country was occupied by the Nazis, and the Holocaust was going on. He had to flee to England. As a result of this ordeal, George has always had a soft spot for people who are being persecuted or mistreated because of their race, skin color, sexual orientation or other difference. He has always believed that even though the current world we are living in is nowhere near perfect, we all have the responsibility of making it a better place. Soros has given an additional $6 billion to the open society foundations and the charities that they support in his lifetime.

Currently, Soros is concerned with the state of the nation. Before Trump was elected as president, he had indicated his reservations about him as a leader. He was a way of Trump because of the people who seemed to be supporting him. Indeed, there has been a rise in the number of white supremacist groups that support racism subjugation. The Charlottesville protests and counter-protests and the re-emergence of organizations such as the KKK is enough evidence that the country has been plunged many years into the past. However, George believes that all hope is not lost. While it is true that he fully supported Clinton’s bid for the White House, and was disappointed when it did not materialize, he still believes that Open Society Foundations can help rectify what went wrong.

Soros was also the man behind the financing of the Ferguson protests in 2014. The main issue here was the shooting of Dylan Roof, a black teenage boy. What started as a Hashtag on social media became a full-blown protest, and busloads of protestors arrived in the City, ready to make their voice heard. The black lives matter movement was thus born. There have been many other causes that George had supported when Bush invaded Afghanistan; a humanitarian crisis followed where thousands of people were displaced internally and others killed or maimed. Soros supported Kerry to run against Bush. When he lost, Soros dialed back in politics and concentrated on his businesses. However, his re-emergence means that he is not happy with the direction that the country is headed. The contribution to the Open Society Foundations will go a long way in championing his causes. and Follow him

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