With the increase in the number of cases of children’s death in road accidents, the state of Pennsylvania has moved in try and mitigate on this plague that is threatening the lives of many children in the state. According to statistics by AAA, the number of children dying in road accidents has been very high in the recent past. As a way of addressing the issue, the state of Pennsylvania has come up with legislation that outlines some measures that should be taken by motorists who are carrying children in their cars. The law that was passed by the legislators seeks to have car seats for children designed and placed in a certain way that will reduce the chances of a child passing away in case of an accident.

Karl Heideck, a lawyer in the state, has been an advocate of the law and have been writing on his blog that he is in support of the law. He says that the law will most likely reduce the chances of death for the little ones. According to Karl Heideck, Pennsylvania become the fourth state in the United States to pass a similar law. The law seeks to protect children of two years and below as well as those of eight years and below. However, the emphasis has been on the two years and below children.

The law stipulates that for children of two years and below, they should have specially designed seats that face to the rear of the car. A rear-facing car according to research has less likelihood of causing major problems to children involved in a car accident. Their bones are very fragile, and the rear sitting posture is best for their protection.

The eight years and below children are required to have booster seats. However, for this category, there is an exception. Children who weigh more than 80 pounds and those who are taller than four feet nine inches are not to be affected by Car Seat law.

The law which was passed in August. 2016, came to effect after one year grace period. Anyone who has not complied with the law after one year is liable to a fine.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a lawyer in Philadelphia. He is highly experienced having worked in the field for more than a decade now. He is an alumnus of the Temple University Beasley School of Law. He also has a degree in English from the Swarthmore College.

Karl Heideck is specialized in matters of corporate law, employment law, and general business litigation. Recently, he has been involved in bank litigations which include bank frauds.

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