Mark McKenna, raised in New Orleans, Louisianna, studied medicine at Tulane University Medical School. Here he received hi MD and MBA in medicine. McKenna is licensed in surgery and medicine in the state of Georgia and Florida.

Upon graduation and the completion of his medical degree, he went into a medical practice with his father. He also started a real estate business. As years passed, he also partnered with a Mortgage Lending company as well.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of his real estate business in 2005. With the city almost completely destroyed, his focus was now rebuilding the city he loved. His concentration was on low to medium income housing in hopes that the city could bounce back quickly. Two years after Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Atlanta,Georgia. Here he began practicing medicine and working on a wellness based medical practice. Over the next several years, he worked diligently in the field of medicine. He became involved in several companies that were medically inclined. He was much sought out for his knowledge.

Dr. McKenna is member of several organizations including the Entrepreneurs Organization. He encourages young entrepreneurs to set goals that seem impossible and work hard. When he was young, he went full steam ahead and sometimes wishes that he had slowed down and really concentrated on interests that were important but put on the side because of his desire to finish his studies.

His typical day begins rather early with breakfast with his young daughter. McKenna heads to work around 8:00am. His day typically ends around 6:00pm. He returns home for a family dinner and family time. Then he is off to the gym for some sweat therapy.

Dr. McKenna is very goal oriented. He is enthusiastic about all things medical. He loves to read. He surrounds himself with intelligent people who work as hard as he does.

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