Since time immemorial, learning has been an essential part of the human race. That is the reason why, even when modern forms of edification had not been discovered yet, parents and other members of the community strived to offer education to their children and teenagers through informal means such as through the grandparents and members of the clergy. Now that everything is all set and things are getting better by the day due to technology, parents are now striving to offer their children the best that they can give. It is the only way they can benefit them anyway. Unfortunately, not every parent has the financial capability to offer quality education to their children, and that is the main reason why rocket ship education was started a decade ago. Its main aim is to provide quality education to ensure that every child gets to attain their full potential so that they may be able to have a better and sustainable life ahead. It is a non-beneficial group of schools which is supported by the government, parents and other bodies of the society to be able to reach its primary goal. It was started in 2006 in San Jose, and it was the only unit of the Rocketship charter. However, thanks to the positive impact which it has created within the community and its surroundings, it has grown to more than twenty-six units in different parts of the United States such as Redwood City, Nashville, Washington D.C and many others.

The secret ingredient behind the success of the Rocketship is due to the five core values which are used to run it. Of the five, co-operation between the members of the community and the school’s staff is the main one. Parents and guardians are involved in every step of the children’s studies which works to ensure total transparency. This way, the students are left with no option but to take their studies more seriously. The co-operation between the school and society members goes a long way in making sure that the school personnel is more responsible. It also ensures that they have the necessary qualifications to teach. The other core values include respect, responsibility, persistence, and empathy.

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