Sussex healthcare is a United Kingdom-based independent group that was founded and managed as a private limited company.

Sussex healthcare provides various medical services to the residents of Sussex regardless of their age or color with one common objective of making the living health standards of the residents better.

Some of the services that the Sussex healthcare provide include neurologically related conditions, physical disabilities for example brain injuries, specialized care for the elderly, and difficulties in learning.

The organization has its headquarters in Tylden house along Dorking road in West Sussex. It has so many other homes across Sussex to support the healthcare programmes. The Sussex healthcare started in the year 2008.

Its services are offered both in the homes and away from the areas of residence. Their efforts and passion to improve the health conditions of the residents of Sussex have helped them progress and survive in Sussex for over 25 years now.

There are additional services offered by the Sussex healthcare including gymnasium, sensory rooms, pools used for purposes of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and day-care for the children and elderly adults.

It has a team staff that passionately and professionally do their work of serving the residents of Sussex. The staff are assigned each care home and are well trained in healthcare matters hence they are qualified in healthcare related fields. The staff at the Sussex healthcare centers are both medical and non-medical experts.

Clemsford house, Rapkyns care center that is famously known as Grange, Wisteria Lodge, Beechcroft care center located on the outskirts of Eastern Grinstead and Longfield Manor are some of the many healthcare centers owned by Sussex healthcare across Sussex.

Others include the Granary, Norfolk Lodge, Kingsmead Lodge, Kingsmead care center, Orchard Lodge, the White lodge located in the middle of Purley near Croydon, Beech Lodge, and wood Hurst Lodge.

These facilities offer different health services to the residents of Sussex. The Kingsmead Lodge, for example, fixes mental issues affecting the residents of Sussex whereas the Beech Lodge takes care of the learning and physical disabilities among other health issues that face the young adults.

The Horncastle care center provides its health services the adults with brain injuries, Clemsford deals with day-care and accommodation for the older people. There is also a health care center called the Laurens which creates an environment that is safe and comfortable to help eliminate the health problems facing the young adults in Sussex.

Life has been made less stressful and enjoyable for both the patients and the staff by the facilities and the services at the Sussex healthcare centers.

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  1. Azaria Jaxton

    Indeed, this program has been of great benefit to the people Sussex, most especially those who couldn’t afford taking treatments from the expensive hospitals. With their world class equipment, receiving medical attention is never a threat. Taking some guides at Relationship Starters Blog would ensure you have a healthy relationship.
    What has always caught my interest about Sussex is the numerous services offered to the elderly. I mean, we all know how difficult it is taking care of aged ones. I totally give it to Sussex on this, they are doing a great job.

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