Talos Energy is a company based in Houston. The company owns its subsidiary. The company focuses on exploration of gas properties, and it mainly works with the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. Tim Duncan the company’s CEO and his partners started the company with over $600 million. Last year, they were producing 16000 barrels of oil per day. The Gulf Coast, one of the company’s areas of specialization has 120 employees. WorkplaceDymanics named the Talos Energy Company one of the best among other small businesses. As Tim says, it wasn’t an easy road, and it wasn’t always a matter of Happy Fridays. Tim pointed out that they put in more of effort to bring them to the top.

The compensation at Talos may not be termed as the best. However, Duncan ensures that he rewards the team working at the Houston office. A good reward is always given to accepted and approved talent at the company. The risk will still be with the management and especially when the team cannot deliver. Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer, says that they all work together in their group. What they give as compensation is more likely to help the person who receives it. The management decides the idea that is worth more than the other.

Talos Energy acquired Helix Energy solutions at the cost of $620 million in February this year. The company is still out to buy again. Duncan ensures that he sends out an email to his employees at 10 p.m. In his email, he reminds them that he is always out there to make more money for them. He has an open door policy where he has allowed his employees to bring in their set of ideas.

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Duncan has not only relied on his ideas or input to climb up the ladder but also on the opinions of other people. He explains that his bosses in his previous years have wanted to hear what he had to say. It, in return, motivates him to work harder than before. When he shares his ideas with his bosses and his employees, he knows what plans to implement and the ones to drop.


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