When it comes to mental health, depression, and anxiety, it is one big fat liar. The scary part for a lot of people is they believe it and they can’t help it. It has consumed them and it has taken over their life. They don’t know what to do and they don’t know how to break out of this funk they are in at the moment. They know they need to see a professional and someone they can talk to, but they don’t know if they can afford it or if it’s possible. It is possible thanks to Talkspace, a new app with videos, text messages, and phone calls. They have a highly qualified staff of over 1,000 professionals that are waiting by the phone whenever someone needs them.

This is one hundred and ten percent legitimate and more and more people are using it. One of the major reasons people do not go to therapy is money. They simply can’t afford the high prices. The prices are out of reach and they can’t handle it. A visit to the therapist can cost over hundreds of dollars. After the session is over, the person can feel like they did not get their money’s worth out of it.

They felt like it was money and time wasted. With Talkspace, they never feel like that. They feel like they are heard, people care about them, and they are going to be there for them in a moment’s notice with whatever they need. One of their more affordable plans is the text-messaging plan, which includes daily texts for only 32 dollars a week. There is not a therapist out there that is going to be there for someone on a daily basis for that price. It is why people are jumping ship over to Talkspace.

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