Talkspace is the most low cost way to access personalized therapy anytime it’s needed. With this online app, clients can use texting, video chatting and audio messaging as a way to contact a licensed therapist who they will be matched up with based on their needs. When the therapist is sent a message, he or she will send a response to their client up to 2 times a day, and once a client is assigned to a therapist, the person will be working with the same one each time, which will make things easier, since it will give them and their assigned professional time to get to know each other, and will help them become more comfortable about expressing their issues.

The cost for using the Talkspace app ranges from $39-$49 a week to $250 per session, depending on how much time the client needs with their assigned therapist. For $39 a week, clients can text and video message and audio message their therapist 2 times a day, and with the $49 a week package, clients will be provided with 2 therapists that they can also text, video and audio message, plus, they can have one Live Session a month that can run for 30 minutes.

Based in New York, Talkspace was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank. There are more than 1500 licensed therapists in the apps’ network, and they follow the same strict professional rules or codes that a therapist in a traditional setting would follow when it comes to client confidentiality. The app protects the user’s privacy through the encryption and storing of their information in its system. Because of its easy access and low cost features, as well as its competent professionals, Talkspace is an adequate alternative to getting therapy in the conventional way.

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