Who exactly is Adam Milstein, anyway? He’s a proud Israeli-American who wears a lot of different hats on a daily basis. He’s a passionate activist who believes in causes that are important to him. He’s also an individual who has an enriching and productive career. Real estate investment is Milstein’s area of expertise. When he’s not busy taking care of investment matters, he’s doing philanthropic work that makes an impact. Adam Milstein works for Hager Pacific Properties as its managing partner. He’s the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He established this group with the cooperation of his wonderful wife, a lady called Gila. The pair set it up back in 2000.

Milstein’s existence began in in an Israeli city known as Haifa. He was born there in 1952. His parents were called Hillel and Eva. Hillel was a busy professional who worked in the real estate development world. Eva, on the other hand was a devoted and caring housewife.

Adam Milstein has been married to Gila Elgrably since the middle of the seventies. The couple married in Milstein’s hometown in 1974. They made the decision to relocate all the way to the United States in the early eighties. They, as a result, landed on American shores in 1981. Milstein began his studies soon after getting to America. He went to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California and earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree there in 1983. Milstein, after that, committed to a vocation in the commercial real estate field. He landed a position as a dedicated agent.

This talented investor tackles many diverse duties through his job with Hager Pacific Properties. He manages all sorts of tasks that relate to accounting, disposition and financing. Hager Pacific Properties is a business that focuses on the possession and transformation of all different kinds of properties. These properties include multi-family, office, retail and industrial options.

Adam Milstein and Gila reside in a San Fernando Valley community that’s known as Encino. They share three amazing daughters. They have a sole granddaughter and a pair of grandsons as well and more

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