Dr. Jenifer Walden has often been described by her peers as a dedicated professional who places an emphasis on providing superior care. The commitment Dr. Walden has in her chosen field of cosmetic surgery can be seen in her early days at school. After graduating from high school she went on to attend the University of Texas in Austin where she graduated with honors after obtaining her BA in biology. She then furthered her education by attending the Texas University’s medical branch where she not only graduated with high honors, but was also elected to be her class Salutatorian.

As a cosmetic surgeon who is dedicated to her work, Dr. Walden has authored several articles that have been published in medical journals and has co-authored information used in several textbooks. She has also shown herself to be down to earth by being the subject of a few magazine articles where she discusses her philosophy in helping people create a positive self-image. Prior to opening her own practice in Westlake Hills, Dr. Jennifer Walden had practiced in New York where she assisted in clinical trials designed to reintroduce the practice of breast implants.

While Dr. Walden is highly regarded by her peers in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, she is also held in high esteem by her patients. Their online reviews often include words such as amazing, friendly and compassionate. She and her staff have not only committed themselves to providing patients with a high level of safety and care, but also to providing a comfortable atmosphere where patients can feel at ease about the procedures they have done. They accomplish this by listening to the needs of their patients. In addition to her practice in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden also assists at nearby hospitals and has a satellite office.

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