Felipe Montoro Jens wrote about an auction that the Brazilian federal government will be holding in 2018. The auctions pertain to the government passing off some government projects to the private sector. Back in August, Felipe Montoro Jens noted that the government announced that 57 government projects will be passed to the private sector.

Most of the projects will be auctioned off during the second half of the year. Some of the properties (Infraero’s stake) that will be auctioned during the second part of 2018 includes Confis and Congonhas airport. Others also include Brasilia airport and Galeao airport.

Felipe Montoro Jens said also on the list of concessions is BR-153. This is the stretch between Alianca and Anapolis. The bidding is expected to take place in the last 12 weeks of Michel Temer’s government.

During the same period, concessions of Vila do Conde and Belem are expected to remain. So are the concessions of Paranagua and Vitoria.

There are a few companies that are due to be auctioned or sold off, but the government hasn’t given an explanation on how it will go about doing it. Some of these companies include the Mint, which produces money and passports in Brazil. Other companies include the Docks of EspĂ­rito Santo and Casemg, as well as Ceasaminas. However, the Brazilian government did say at the end of 2018 is when they are scheduled to be sold off.

The sale of the Mint is being sold off because of technology advancements. This was the reason that was given by the government when it explained why it was selling off the Mint.

Over 10 terminals are also going to be granted. Some of these terminals includes Campina Grande and Recife. Others include Maceio and Joao Pessoa. Varzea Grande, Macae, Alta Floresta and Juazeiro do Norte are also listed as terminals to be granted by the government.

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