Lime Crime is a vegan based cosmetic line. Kim Walls is the Global General Manager for Lime Crime and he proposed the idea, at a conference in Los Angeles, of launching the Lime Crime cosmetic line in China because of the benefits it would have for the line and because of the population it would reach in that region. After planning around the idea of launching in China they realised other issues that could be in the way. Selling the line in China would mean they would have to sell whole sale and their products would have to be tested on animals. Lime Crime has set up their line as an vegan only line and they didn’t want to do away with their morals and values that they stood for when it came to their cosmetic line. The only way they could avoid their products being tested on animals and go a different way about it was if they shipped directly from the U.S.

Shipping Lime Crime directly from the United States would bring it’s own consequences and struggles. There would be language barriers, taxes and shipping and return issues that would all have to be dealt with in a distinctive way. Also another problem that cosmetic line was facing was the issue of counterfeit makeup. Fake Lime Crime makeup was being sold in the Chinese marketplaces.

Lime Crime had to come up with a different approach this time around. One that would benefit the company and make sure that all the issues and potential problems were all solved before selling again. Lime Crime then went on to partner with Revolve. Revolve is a e-commerce fashion brand based out of Los Angeles. This company was looking to expand their brand into the beauty industry. Kim Walls took notice of the company’s similarities to Lime Crime and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to join forces with.

For the launch of Lime Crime they led the people of China to check out Revolve and let them know that they had the Lime Crime cosmetic line officially and no other seller. This in return helped both companies succeed and become known throughout both countries.

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